The other man glanced at Gong Yu's back and said, "Have you heard?"? In the Great Snow Mountain, a masked man in black has recently appeared. He is highly skilled in martial arts and has a slim figure. He may be a woman. Originally that person answers: "How to do not have?"? The woman was so fierce that she killed people without blinking. Gong Yu thought to herself, "Could that man be the peach-faced demon fox who escaped from the Thousand Peach Valley on the Snow Peak in western Hunan?" Just then, he was elbowed by Miss Wanxiang. The two Jianghu figures suddenly quickened their pace, passed by them, and soon disappeared into the shadows. As soon as they left, Miss Wanxiang immediately said, "Brother Gong, is it possible that the masked woman in the Great Snow Mountain mentioned by the man just now is a peach-faced demon fox?" Gong Yu looked back and forth, but when she saw no one, she said, "That's what I thought!"! However The girl opened her eyes wide, and though it was already dusk, she could still see the glittering eyes. "But what?" She said. Gong Yu frowned and said, "The peach-faced demon fox, if you go from Xiangxi to Xikang, the journey will be no less than two thousand Li. Do you think it's possible?" Miss Wan Xiang didn't even think about it. "What's impossible?" She asked? Let's go to the Great Snow Mountain in Xikang. She was originally a hot-tempered child, and when she thought of doing it, she waved her sleeve, turned into a wisp of green shadow, and rushed to Emei City. Gong Yu hurriedly pulled up his figure and followed closely. The two men had eaten dinner, pulled out the horses from the shop, and hurried up the road. Three days later, Gong Yu and Miss Wan Xiang went to Kangjing and lived in Chonghuatun. The two men exercised and breathed, raised their spirits,plastic pallet supplier, prepared dry food, sent the horses to the shop, and then climbed the mountain. This big snow-capped mountain is covered with white snow all the year round, and the mountain is so lofty that it is almost impossible to find the way up the mountain. However, it was late May, the time to climb the mountain. Much of the snow on the mountain has melted, revealing a rugged path. Gong Yu and Miss Wan Xiang, although their flying skills are unparalleled in the world, dare not be careless at all. Wouldn't it be dangerous if they lost their footing and fell into a thousand layers of ice caves? The two men were as light as catkins, and from time to time they were five or six feet high,drum spill containment, and then a little cliff stone on their toes rose again. An eagle rose and fell, and it took half a day to reach the top of the mountain. The snow-capped mountain stretched for hundreds of miles. I don't know where the masked woman's nest was? Two people can not help but look at the mountain helplessly. Miss Wanxiang raised her eyebrows and said, "Brother Yu, there is no clue. There are so many mountains and rivers. How long will we find them?" Qingshan Meixia Gong Yu kissed her gently on her temples and comforted her by saying, "Don't worry, Wanmei!"! Haste makes waste. Why don't we think about it? Do you have any good ideas? Miss Wanxiang locked her eyebrows together and hesitated. "Brother Yu," she said, "we'll have to search separately." Holding her waist in her arms, Gong Yu said affectionately, "Sister Wan, how can you do that? You've never left me!" The girl turned around and looked at Gong Yu. She was moved by his deep feelings. She felt sweet in her heart and said coquettishly, "I'm not a three-year-old child!"! Afraid of being eaten by a tiger. Still worried, Gong Yu said, "Sister Wan, will you let me think about it for a moment?" Miss Wan Xiang beeped her lips and said, "No!" Gong Yujian frowned slightly and thought to himself, "The Great Snow Mountain is so vast. The two of us are searching separately. Of course, it's a good plan. However, plastic pallet manufacturer ,collapsible bulk container, Wanmei has no experience. Wouldn't it be terrible if we lost contact?" Thinking about this, he said, "Sister Wan, since you must search for the demon fox separately, I naturally have no objection, but you have to listen to my instructions." The girl raised her eyebrows and said, "Brother Yu, you promised!"! Tell me! I'll listen to you for everything. Gong Yu straightened his face and said, "After we break up, first, we must leave a secret note along the way. Second, if you meet a peach-faced demon fox, you must be calm and not show up. You just need to follow her to her lair. Then we can get in touch and go to save people.". It should be noted that the purpose of this trip is to rescue the uncle, and if we frighten the snake and let her escape, it will take a lot of trouble. If you happen to be discovered by the other party, you must be alert and pay attention to the hidden weapon of'Broken Soul Peach Blossom ', do you know? Miss Wanxiang nestled in Brother Yu's arms and said, "I know!" After they hugged each other and kissed each other for a long time, Miss Wan Xiang straightened her sideburns, lifted her skirt, and said, "Goodbye!" As soon as the figure flashed, the person was more than a warbler, and then it was far away. Gong Yu looked at the back of Wanmei's disappearance, as if she had lost some ground, sighed, and galloped along the western mountains. His flying skill was so great that he entered the belly of the Great Snow Mountain in one day. At this time, it was already sunset in Shanxi, and suddenly I heard a birdsong, and I couldn't help feeling strange. Originally, Qingshan Meixia came up the mountain and galloped for a day, only to see snow, snow foxes, human bears and so on, and never heard a bird call at all. He could not help but follow the sound and fly away, I do not know how long, in front of the lush trees, the climate is not as cold as other places. Seeing the night coming, the last quarter moon rises in the sky, and the clear light shines on the white snow on the ground, which is more quiet and quiet. So he went on, and soon he came to a valley. As soon as they reached the mouth of the valley, they saw a crossbar blocking them, and on the rocks on the side of them were written: "Cold Fragrance Valley." Gong Yu gazed through the moonlight and saw that under the three big white characters of "Cold Fragrance Valley", there was a line of small characters, which said: "Those who enter the'Cold Fragrance Valley 'without permission will die. The owner of the valley is the Changchun Fairy." He thought that this secret valley must be the nest of the peach-faced demon fox, and he was overjoyed. This discovery, the owner of the valley was someone else, and he could not help feeling disappointed. In the past, he had heard his master Mangshan Yansou say that most of the people who lived in seclusion in the mountains were eccentric and could not be provoked. Once encountered, it may be entangled for life. Think of here, quickly retreat back. Line square a few steps, and feel inappropriate. The heart thinks: "Since this valley Lord is a woman, does security guard have association with peach face demon fox?"? If it's true that Uncle Li was captured here, don't miss it like in Miluo City! What's more, Changchun Fairy has never been mentioned. Is this the alias of the peach-faced demon fox? The more Gong Yu thought about it, the more she felt that what she had expected was right, so she turned around and strolled toward Taniguchi. Across the crossbar,mobile garbage bin, in front of it was a path of incense more than three feet wide, winding forward into the valley. The incense path is covered with a thick layer of red sand, which is very bright.